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  • Mio Boob Tube + Firming

    Mio Boob Tube + Firming

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    Amazing ingredients at maximum levels = high intensity bust & décolletage care.

    The famous bust & décolleté cream just got better! Can help to keep delicate skin looking toned & visibly brighter. Aim North, not South!

    Hot Tip

    This is facial quality skincare. If these are skincare benefits you want on your face, feel free to use it as a facial moisturiser, too.

    How it works

    Girls, let's face the facts; our boobs are on a slippery slope. People say the first place you can tell a woman's age is her hands...forget about it – it's your décolletage. This vulnerable skin is exposed daily to sun, gravity & inspection & it needs protecting! Boob Tube+ has become our total cult must-have product – sought after by owners of boobs of all ages. Rich in CoQ10 & packed full of fantastic natural actives just for your skin. All of our bodycare products are facial quality. That means we put the same amount of care, attention & expense into making our Boob Tube+ as the cosmetic giants do into making their eye cream. Why? Because the skin on your bust & décolletage is very similar to the skin under your eyes – very thin, very delicate without a lot of inherent elasticity. Boob Tube+ is designed to help your boobs look as gorgeous as you feel. The quality & tone of your skin across your neck & chest is hugely important & can help you feel good in a V-neck T-shirt.

    Boob Tube+ is fantastic, but you will need to work it in to your everyday skincare routine. It takes 10 seconds, 1 pump from below the chin to below the boobs – done...

    Who loves it?

    It seems EVERYBODY! Women from 18 – 80 are wise to daily dose with Boob Tube+

    If you loved our Boob Tube in the past, you will love our NEW and IMPROVED + formula even more.

    What’s the same?

    • Omega and antioxidant rich formula & mega-moisturisation.

    What’s new?

    • We’ve got even more ingredients, such as Gotu Kola Leaf, Hyaluronic Acid & Chinese Angelica Root to name but a few.
    • New ingredient alert – our Omega-rich oils and Shea Butter are now organic.
    • We’ve made all of our Mio formulas even cleaner with our evolved No Nasties policy. Boob Tube is free from parabens, petrolatum, colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols & pthalates.