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  • Teeth Whitening CocoBaci Activated Charcoal

    Teeth Whitening CocoBaci Activated Charcoal

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    Enhance your smile with a great tasting sachet of Cocobaci everyday. Used as a mouthwash & conveniently packaged. Cocobaci combines the wellness benefits of Activated Charcoal, Oak bud extract, Aromatherapy, Organic Coconut Oil & can be enjoyed by all.

    How to use Cocobaci:
    1. Tear open the sachet at the perforated corner
    2. Squeeze the contents into your mouth
    3. Swirl it around for 10-15minutes 
    4. Spit it out
    5. smile!

    Activated charcoal helps brighten teeth while promoting good oral health by alkalising the pH balance in the mouth, helping prevent cavities, bad breath & gum disease.


    • Assists with oral hygiene naturally
    • Minimizes Bacteria and plaque
    • Brighter, whiter smile within days!
    • Can help to lessen the effects of hangovers
    • Can help to prevent and relieve headaches
    • Supports the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

    *A great extra to use in combination with our Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whitening Kits*